Visit me Kazakhstan

Let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Zhanar and two years ago I quit my job to follow my dream: being a local tour guide. After working for years in an office job I knew there was something wrong, this was not my passion. I had to change things and I did. Now we’re two years further, I made my mistakes, but better I learned a lot and build my network in and around  Almaty. The most important thing I’ve learned is that I definitely made the right decision to quit my job.

Today I am here to guide you around my city and my region. I love traveling and I understand the struggle of wanting to see too many things in a few days. No worries, you’ve found me and I’ll do more than my best to make sure you see and do all you want. Because of my knowledge you’ll not only see and do a lot, but you’ll also learn a lot. I’ll share with you everything you want to know about the history of my country. Also I can tell you about our daily life, our culture and life in the city. Kazakhstan is a beautiful country and the Almaty region has so much to offer, I can’t wait to show you around!

Kazakhstan “Land of the Wanderers”

Stan is an ancient Persian word meaning “land” or “nation” and Kazakh means “wanderer”, ”adventurer” or “outlaw”.

Does this name not says enough? Kazakhstan is the country for you to travel, to find adventure, to wander. It’s the 9th biggest country in the world with a surface of 2.725.000 square kilometer. With about 18 million people living in this enormous country there’s enough space to wander and find your adventure.

Almaty is a western city with beautiful avenues, lively cafes, an uncountable number of good restaurants and bustling nightlife. Also you’ll find green city parks, local markets and an impressing view from the city over the mountains in which the city is surrounded. It’s a lovely combination of east meets west. So Almaty is a great city, but the nature around the city even makes Almaty a better place to visit. Combine a visit to this great city with a trip to the mountains, the canyon, lakes or the dessert, we have it all!